How to Build a Cybersecurity Strategy

When building a business today, you should consider not only the risks associated with competition, innovation, and battles with “business sharks” that provide services related to those you have created but also the internal security of the enterprise. That is, the company’s internal security is associated not only with the organizational aspects of the company but also with threats from competitors, such as stopping or destroying the product due to cyber attacks by the latter and fraudsters.

Why is cybersecurity critical?

The actual manifestations of cyberattacks are unpredictable. However, their result is significant financial and economic losses or unforeseen consequences of disruptions in information and telecommunications systems that affect business’s financial and economic security and consumption.

For example, hackers can disable government sites. The consequence of such an attack would be that the business lost the opportunity to go to any ministry website and find out the information it needs. What to say about the probability of data interception.

The most common types of attacks

The most common cyber attacks include:

  • Phishing. An attack mainly uses email as a vector and tricks people into downloading malicious software to their devices. About 60% of companies faced phishing in 2021.
  • Data leakage. It occurs when a user’s sensitive information becomes vulnerable. In 2021, many companies reported data leaks, and this trend is expected to continue.

Cyberattacks affect small and medium-sized businesses more and more often, as such companies mistakenly consider themselves “uninteresting” in terms of the information resources they have.

What can be done to avoid becoming a victim of fraud?

Phishing attacks

In 2020, there were many phishing emails related to COVID-19. Fraudsters sent information on behalf of the World Health Organization, playing on the fear of individuals. Other cyber criminals used clickbait headlines related to business, credit, and politics.

How to act in such situations?

An important measure to prevent this is prevention. You need to constantly raise awareness of your employees (responsible for the security of such attacks) and conduct field testing: anti-phishing software and more reliable email authentication.

Data leakage

Last year, a hacker leaked 2.5 million credentials to Drizly, an alcohol-based company. In addition, prestige Software, a booking system supported by Expedia,, and, has uncovered credit card leaks to more than 10 million customers since 2013.

How to act in such situations?

Most data leaks have a financial basis but can also be espionage or human. As soon as data is leaked, companies must take prompt action to protect their image and avoid space fines. Violations are usually made known by internal records, bank reports, law enforcement, or custom reports.


Therefore, information is a vital resource that can usually interest fraudsters. They can obtain this information through cyberattacks, from which neither business nor the public sector is safe.

To prevent the number of cyberattacks, you should think about the cybersecurity of your company and the state as a whole.